Five ways to take advantage of your breaks between routines in the gym

What do you do after an arduous repetition of weights? Maybe what everyone does: drink water, dislodge the device you were using or use to look at your phone for a while. Well, if you are one of those who adopt any of the above mentioned habits then you are doing it wrong, although the rest period between exercise sessions is a way of not over-exploiting the muscle in question, it is also a perfect opportunity to Take advantage of those sixty seconds and go back to loading with everything, applying these five tips.

Create a progress record

After each set record the repetitions you completed and the weight you raised is good to meet medium and long term goals, so you will know if you are making progress or not. Some people do the same workouts every week, but if they do they are unlikely to have the success they are looking for. So if you handle repetitions or exercises with strength , keeping a log is a way to move forward.

Think of a pre-routine

If you switch from one device or from one routine to another, the use of simple techniques of detection and visualization can help you to move a heavier weightwith a better technique. For example: if you are doing a weightlifting plan in advance the position of the foot and the angle of your spine, thus avoiding wasting time on technical errors that you have to correct in the middle of your routine


When exercising many people think that stretching will only improve mobility, but do not know that it also influences the formation of muscles . In a study at the University of Tampa , he proved that dumbbell exercises drastically increased the skeletal muscle mass in pectorals, developing muscle in a more rapid way by performing stretching exercises between repetitions.

Take advantage to move

No, we’re not just talking about you vacating the device. Make rest periods an opportunity to improve your exercise routine . For example, if you want to achieve depth in a squat , use the rest to work the same exercise but without weight, using only your body to improve in your push-ups.

Please, ignore your phone

The worst thing to do wrong the previous tips is to ignore them by connecting you from WhatsApp. Your rest period is not a type of recreation for you to check your social networks, since checking your phone between the sets takes away the intensity of a session losing time that you can take advantage of another way, a much better than uploading a selfie of which there are already thousands on Instagram.

As you may have noticed, a good exercise routine is not only repetitions and strength, but also take advantage of breaks so that the muscle unconsciously but profitably does not stop working.

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